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Digital Ecclesiology Round Table Hosted by Aqueduct Project

I had the honor to be on an academic video meeting centered around the topic of Digital Ecclesiology. The conversation included pastors from around the world, church planters, online pastors, theologians, and digital experts. Not everyone agreed on what was and wasn't possible for the church online, which lead to a healthy conversation. I geeked out a bit because a few of the participants were authors I have read. I enjoyed the meeting and I believe you will too. Thank you to the Aqueduct Project for putting the meeting & transcript together!

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Extremes of Online Church Define Debate. No More!

We love the extremes, but reality happens in the middle, and this is why I hate the dialogue around online church. I dislike, both thumbs down, how we have to go to extremes and not have a real conversation about using an online paradigm for evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and worship. I do understand how the extremes of online church make headlines and stir up middle Americans, but often nothing fruitful is produced. In a recent USA Today article called "Online church: Ministries use VR, apps to deliver digital services and virtual baptisms" I got a few mentions talking about online ministry.

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Honest Conversation about VR Church with DJ Soto

Have you heard about Virtual Reality Church yet? It’s caused quite a stir in Christian circles. Check out his multiple features on Wired, CNN, and Today Show. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know the founding pastor DJ Soto over the last year. DJ is one of the most outreach focused guys I know and the stories coming out of VR Church back it up, but often that isn’t enough to make “Christians” happy. I’m a bit sarcastic with my use of “Christians” because many have embraced VR Church’s endeavors while others have criticized.

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