Honest Conversation about VR Church with DJ Soto


Have you heard about Virtual Reality Church yet? It’s caused quite a stir in Christian circles. Check out his multiple features on Wired, CNN, and Today Show. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know the founding pastor DJ Soto over the last year. DJ is one of the most outreach focused guys I know and the stories coming out of VR Church back it up, but often that isn’t enough to make “Christians” happy. I’m a bit sarcastic with my use of “Christians” because many have embraced VR Church’s endeavors while others have criticized.

Questions “Christians” Ask After Hearing About The Outreach:

  • What does VR Church mean for ecclesiology?

  • How does baptism happen in virtual reality?

  • What does communion look like in virtual reality?

  • Does VR Church not care about the local church?

  • What does the future of the church look like with VR fully empowered?

I ask DJ these tough, but honest questions in this hour-long conversation. Enjoy!