A Bias Review of Two Thousand Eighteen for #ChurchOnline

I wrote thirty-eight posts about online ministry in 2018. I write what I’m passionate about or ideas kicking around in my head that I need to flush out. I plan to continue to write better quality posts that I pray is helpful to you the reader or at the least, a way for my future adult kids, or grandkids, to understand who I was like in any given year.

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Online Ministry: Bringing Relational Healing For Those With Mental Health Struggles

Mental health for me often feels like a rabbit hole of a topic. How mental health is medically classified confuses me, how people get diagnosed is not clear, and treatment can be messy. I believe online ministries can offer hope not only through Jesus, but through relational restoration by inviting them to join the community of a church’s online experience.

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First Steps for Online Campus Pastors

Getting started as an online pastor can be overwhelming. What is my first step? Do I switch to entirely Facebook streaming? How do you become a tech expert overnight? So many questions. I would suggest first reading over my Start Here page and digest what other churches do on my Funnel page. After getting caught up check out this podcast from the Social Media Church podcast on “Started as an Online Campus Pastor with Aaron Magnuson.”

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Honest Conversation about VR Church with DJ Soto

Have you heard about Virtual Reality Church yet? It’s caused quite a stir in Christian circles. Check out his multiple features on Wired, CNN, and Today Show. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know the founding pastor DJ Soto over the last year. DJ is one of the most outreach focused guys I know and the stories coming out of VR Church back it up, but often that isn’t enough to make “Christians” happy. I’m a bit sarcastic with my use of “Christians” because many have embraced VR Church’s endeavors while others have criticized.

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Murky Can Be Better

Online church ministries are usually positionally and strategically murky. What I love about this foggy dispensation is the sandbox leaders create for their online leaders. Nothing makes sense when you start. Read any biography, and you’ll find out quickly most forerunners in fields had to experiment, fail, and repeat until success. Don’t ask for clarity positionally and strategically until you want the structure and the pros outweigh the cons.

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