Leaky Funnel

You're trained in seminary and throughout your internship as a pastor never to send people away. A person comes into your doors, and our job is to keep them connected to the church. After that first modem came online, the game changed. People could tune in from anywhere in the world. The online attendee isn't just down the street. Your reachable audience is broader, which means your methodology needs a good old fashion upgrade. Unfortunately, most seminaries are still operating on those AOL CDs.

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StrategyJay KrandaComment
Star Wars > Star Trek Because of Belief on Technology

The future isn’t some glamorized place where everything is fixed. The future consists of new things and old things. It’s more like Star Wars than Star Trek. Technology isn't a cure and won't solve your church's problems. You need to have a healthy church to be great online. Focus on understanding what success looks like at your local church. Once you have a grasp of what's happening in the building, expanding online will be easy.

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