Visualizing Turning an Online Watcher to Attending In-Person Process

Do you have your #ChurchOnline process written down? I find getting everything on a single sheet of paper or whiteboard helpful. More importantly, visuals create clear conversation points for your leadership too. Recently, in “Diagrams, Diagrams, & More Diagrams” I showed a few concepts and methods that I believe are essential to understand #ChurchOnline. I didn’t cover in the post my church’s methodology. Below is the process of how we move an online watcher on Facebook, YouTube, or our Online Campus page into face to face community and the critical platforms and tools to accomplish our vision.


Now, you can’t copy my model straight up because it’s not your church’s strategy. My suggestion is to on a whiteboard or use, my new favorite tool, to sketch your local church’s assimilation process. After your local church funnel is on the page contextualize how you can do it via the internet using an online to offline approach.

I'm praying for your brainstorming session and meetings to come with your leadership!

Jay KrandaComment