Star Wars > Star Trek Because of Belief on Technology

My favorite Star Trek show is Deep Space Nine. I loved the weirdness of the show. I also enjoy Star Wars. I'm not a die heart Trekkie or card-carrying Star Wars fan but like anything science friction. I have a favorite of the two, and it's based on which of the universes are more plausible. Star Wars is a more believable future. Star Trek though paints a picture of a perfect paradise, which I believe is a farce. Lookup any prediction from a hundred years ago and every world problem was going to be fixed by technological breakthroughs. In the more realistic galaxy far far away an honest depiction plays out of amazing technology coexisting with Darth Vador and Kylo Ren. Real problems still exist in George Lucas's vision while Star Trek consists of the Earth being the center of a romanticized future. The Enterprise is continually going about their missions educating third-world planets on the good news of their utopian cure.

I just don't buy Star Trek's vision of the future. I understand a world where a young Skywalker would jump on some Tatooine version of eBay and buy a used vehicle to save credits. Star Trek would leave you to believe everyone gets the newest model. Space, if habitable at scale in the future, would become the Wild West because freedom would reign and policing would be difficult. I now have a FireFly episode playing in my head.

"Land Speeder" by rocketlass is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

"Land Speeder" by rocketlass is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


The future isn’t some glamorized place where everything is fixed. The future consists of new things and old things. It’s more like Star Wars than Star Trek. Technology isn't a cure and won't solve your church's problems. You need to have a healthy church to be great online. Focus on understanding what success looks like at your local church. Once you have a grasp of what's happening in the building, expanding online will be easy.

I can’t wait to buy my very own Landspeeder one day from Craigslist.