Diagrams, Diagrams, & More Diagrams

I was stuck in a room this past week with some ministry experts, tons of stationary time, and a notebook. I started to doodle whenever my mind got antsy. I hope the following diagrams help form what online ministry looks like for your church.

Diagram 1 - Online is the Front Door of Your Church

Ten years ago, the Online Campus was only for those living far from your physical church. Today the online expression of your church is the most massive front door to your local church, and the Online Campus is one way out of many the watcher can engage. Additionally, many of the online resources were for people who couldn’t attend in person, but now most people desire an online expression. The diagram is visualizing the connection of online being the new front door of your church and the Online Campus’s part of the equation.


Diagram 2 - Funneling People Online

The online expression of your church helps your local church, other churches, and launch home gatherings (aka House Churches). The diagram shows how to funnel watchers to the three options of face-to-face gatherings long-term.


Diagram 3 - Your Online Audience

The dilemma of streaming your services on Facebook, YouTube viewership, and other online crowds is not every watcher will end up solely engaging at your local church in-person. The audience is mixed because the frictionless nature of the internet means people tune in from all around the world. The majority of your viewership will be local, followed by connecting watchers to a church nearby geographically, and a small percentage will be leftover who could be part of a house gathering intuitive. Most local pastors don’t have to filter their attender, but online pastors do need to consider where they are tuning in from and how to best shepherd the person long-term.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 12.59.41 AM.png

Diagram 4 - Percentages of Online Audience

99% of churches online expressions' should focus on funneling people to your local church. The larger the church or the popularity of pastor than the “Local Church Leads” will shrink while the other sections will grow.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 1.04.03 AM.png

I would love to hear your feedback — comment below what makes sense and doesn’t. I’m still processing my thoughts too.