How E91 Christian Church Will Be Doing Church Online with Alec Tod

In my current Funnel Series I interview various churches about how they leverage their church online. My goal is to show you how to leverage church online and be inspired by various churches of all sizes. This week I interview my friend Alec Tod of Alec use to do church online at another church and has an unique prospective as he is in the process of launching a church online experience from scratch. Make sure to check out Alec's coffee company since it's the bomb. I'm actually drinking his coffee during the interview.

I ask Alec the following questions:

  • How old is your church, how long has it been doing church online, how big is your church, and how much time will you focus on church online as part of your day to day job?
  • What will your primary goal be with church online? Local, global, or both?
  • What platform will you use to host your church online and what streaming provider will you use? 
  • What will your crowd to core funnel strategy for church online be?
  • What online tool do you wish you had when you started doing church online (still applicable)?