White House Takes Social Media Seriously & Church Online Leaders Should Too

Church online isn't just about your church online streaming page. Your church online page is the end of the funnel. It's where you want people to come to weekly long-term, but most new attenders are not typing in your url. Your long www.------------.com isn't on their radar. You have to get into your target's social media feed. How do you get into your target's feed? 

  1. Build your church online inbound marketing strategy by taking my five part video course on church online!
  2. Start to take your email, social media, and the rest of your digital presences seriously.
  3. Commit to being a learner in this area and be willingly to pivot easily.

In the video below you can see how the President of the United States takes social media seriously. The social media director is part of the inner circle and even considered family. This is not a political post, but helpful to see how one of the most powerful people in the world leverages their digital presence. 


Take away? Dedicate time and resources to your digital presence of your church. Take it serious because it does matter!

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