Biblical Ecclesia, 2 Temple Court Gatherings, & Online Church

These two types of “Temple Court” gatherings are supported by weekday “house to house” gatherings which live out locally all the things a biblical ecclesia is supposed to do as Acts describes. Next time someone says “church” to you think less about the modern day experience that you consider as “church” and think more about biblical ecclesia. I want to encourage you the online church leader to make sure you have a pathway to encourage both “Temple Court” expressions.

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Countering Your Church’s Lack of Vision Online. No Whining.

Your church’s leadership wants to know people watching online will be cared for correctly. Those seat warmers on big boards monitoring all the vitals of the bride do care about everyone attending locally and possibly tuning in online. The barrier of embracing an online ministry usually comes down to trusting you, the online pastor or potential online pastor.

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The Truth is #ChurchOnline Amplifies What You're Already Doing

Your online church will either amplify an existing well-executed strategy or highlight widespread issues. It won’t magically fix your church’s problems. If your church knows how to attract younger people than your online ministry will attract younger people. If your church is good at small groups than your online small group strategy will work. If your church is great at getting people to fill out response cards than your weekly digital respond card submissions will be high. If your online ministry doesn’t grow most likely your church is lacking in evangelistic outreach.

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A Bias Review of Two Thousand Eighteen for #ChurchOnline

I wrote thirty-eight posts about online ministry in 2018. I write what I’m passionate about or ideas kicking around in my head that I need to flush out. I plan to continue to write better quality posts that I pray is helpful to you the reader or at the least, a way for my future adult kids, or grandkids, to understand who I was like in any given year.

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