A Bias Review of Two Thousand Eighteen for #ChurchOnline

I wrote thirty-eight posts about online ministry in 2018. I write what I’m passionate about or ideas kicking around in my head that I need to flush out. I plan to continue to write better quality posts that I pray are helpful to you the reader or at the least, a way for my future adult kids, or grandkids, to understand who I was like in any given year. Here are my favorite posts this past year in no particular order:

  1. Positioning Your Online Pastor within the Org Chart

  2. Elevation Church's Different Approach to Church Online

  3. Expanding Your Reality

  4. Baptizing Without Limits

  5. What Can Fortnite, Twitch, & Ninja Teach the Church?

  6. The Internet Isn't All Online

  7. Why I Cringe When People Say "Internet Church Isn’t Really Church"

  8. It's Simply Decentralizing Your Strategy

  9. How #ChurchOnline is Impacting the Country of Iran

  10. Honest Conversation about VR Church with DJ Soto

  11. Online Ministry: Bringing Relational Healing For Those With Mental Health Struggles

Thanks for reading!

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