$2k FB Ad Campaign from Easter... Well Spent?

Let me fill you in on a little background first. My ministry's weekly tracking number is a custom 30-minute engagement metric. I do love the measurement because it shows who is watching and not just popping in and out, but it causes problems when I set up ad campaigns. You can't easily persuade someone from an ad in the News Feed to click on the link and then watch at least 30 minutes of an online church service. It's a big ask, and this is why I typically shy away from running any ads. This Easter I changed it up and spent two thousand dollars on Facebook Ads. 

I wanted to get a review on how I spent the dollars because little a judgment sometimes it's so bad. The smartest guy I know when it comes to Facebook Ads is Chad Hugghins. Chad's the Content & Marketing Manager at CV Outreach and does a weekly Facebook show about Facebooks Ads. I messaged him the idea of peeking under the hood of my ad account and giving me some pointers. He agreed, and we streamed the whole thing. It's a little long, but he gave some great insight. 

3 Takeaways with Timestamps: 

1. My next Facebook Ad I'll set up my Lookalike Audience off those who engaged with the page and not by those who like the page to get a better demographic (minute 27)

2. My next Facebook Ad I'll pay attention to the Relevance Score and not grossly misunderstand it as Chad explained to me (minute 54)

3. My next Facebook Ad I'll create an Offline Event set when setting up the ad and then afterward upload the email addresses of my response cards for the week to see how many who saw the ad took a next step spirtually (minute 57)

Watch the full show below: