Change is a bad word


Silicon Valley is always pushing forward. Yes, the bay has money, but change is part of their culture. They get success today doesn't mean anything for the future. The culture drives innovation.  The co-founder of Intel said in the seventies that the chips inside our computers would double every two years and Moore's Law held to be true until 2013. The law created an environment early on for tech companies to never stand still.

A dominant company in the bay right now is Uber, but self-driving cars are coming. Uber can be the network that powers the movement or they become obsolete. Google has even invested millions into Uber's competitor Lyft to disrupt their market because of Waymo. Confused yet? I am, but that is the point. Uber can't just sit on top of the mountain celebrating their success. They have to keep pushing forward. They have to keep innovating. They have to keep changing.

Why does this all matter to you the church leader? 

Tech companies like Uber understand change is needed to stick around. The problem is change isn't a good word for the church. The church uses words like dogma and doctrine. God never changes. Church history is littered with people killed over pushing change. This culture of not embracing change is amazing for preserving the faith, but terrible for innovating. 

We have to create our own Moore's Law for the church. I want the church twenty years from now to look back and see a new culture that was birthed. A culture that embraces technology and doesn't get scared of it.

I think it's possible, but do you?