Is "Churchome" the Future of Church Plants?

My response to Churchome Global…

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.53.33 PM.png

What Do I Love?

  • Supported from the top down

  • Mobile app based

  • Decentralized upfront

  • Focusing beyond streaming with classes and groups

  • Offline home experiences integrated and not solely online

  • The grandeur of the vision of what it can be

Top Questions for Churchome Leadership:

  • Right now the app is super content driven. Does the future look more balanced with community offerings after getting out of the launch phase?

  • How will groups be cared for and resourced remotely?

  • What will online groups look like for the ministry?

  • How will home gathers function within the strategy? Are home gatherings a priority?

  • Is the goal to leave people online or ultimately lead them towards a home experience?

  • How much autonomy will groups have within the model?

  • Will membership be offered?

  • What software will the ministry be using beyond the app for people management, training, and more?

  • What do the communities of Churchome look like on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch, Telegraph, Whatsapp, and WeChat?

I did feel church planting needed to be disrupted and online church ministries as well. Not sure if this is the answer, but I pray more ministries consider this approach. If I could buy the stock, I would go all in.