The Big Miss for Churches on YouTube & The Fix

Do I need to tell you YouTube is a big deal? I didn't think so. 

So many churches have started to upload their content to YouTube, but it's not linked to their strategy. What do I mean? Think about this with me. What happens when someone watches a message from 8 weeks ago on YouTube? They are checking it out and God starts to move within them. How do they respond? Typically, if they were in your service a "Connection Card" would be in front of them or they would walk out to your patio to talk with someone, but that's not possible with your content on YouTube. Why not? Don't worry. It's a simple fix.

Add a simple outro clip on the end of every message about taking a next step and include links in the description. You have tens of thousands of hours of your content online not generating leads.

I've included how we do the outro video at Saddleback Church below. Steal it... please :)

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