7 Hacks for Leading a Large Facebook Group

I'm aways looking at ways to strengthen my online community. The tough part is our services only live stream a couple times a week.

How do I build a community beyond our website?

This is where Facebook Groups come in. This video is long, but I promise it's helpful in building a healthy Facebook Group for your online ministry. 


1. Pin Facebook Group guidelines to the top of the group.

2. Post videos weekly of yourself or staff to establish a presence (Facebook Live or upload video).

3. Be okay with the mess of rogue people. Don't allow a few angry people to ruin it for everyone else.

4. Be okay with banning people or deleting posts. When you delete posts make sure to private message the individual how they ignored the guidelines of the group.

5. Allow everyone to post. Don't be the bottleneck and require approval of posts.

6. Encourage people to post prayer requests to get everyone engaged.

7. Monthly post a Self Promotion post allowing those who have a Kickstarter, fundraiser, or book to have a space to post. Limit the responses to the comment section of the original post. 

*BONUS TIP* Build a volunteer moderator team to facilitate the group as your numbers grow.