Facebook Messenger Part of Engagement Strategy

Engagement is the key! Page views don't really matter. What is important is the amount of people that actually want to get connected. You want a large crowd that is interested in joining your core. This is why if you watch any of our church online services everything on the page and in the service is about getting the visitor to fill out our response card. I want a point of contact to talk with them about our online small groups and membership class. I want to convert the page view lurker into someone part of our community.

Jesus would call say "Come and See to Come and Die".

I was listening to the Civics 101 Podcast about the The Office of Presidential Correspondence Team and it was interesting how the Obama Administration started to receive correspondence on Facebook Messenger. 

I first heard this reported by Mashable post in January. I find this a point that church online leaders should be paying attention to and not ignoring. I know enabling Facebook Messenger means more work, but with customer service it should always be harder on us and easier on them.

Don't forget we are in the business of life change! If we focused more on engagements and not just on page views our online outreaches would be healthier overall. I truly believe the more we focus on our target the larger the top of the funnel will grow as well! 

Consider incorporating Facebook Messenger into your process.