Promoting What Online Church is to Your Community

If someone at your church bumps into you and asks you what your online church is all about what do you say? It can be tough to clearly answer the question. I know my response has evolved quite a bit over the years. Sometimes I've led with a theological answer and other times highlight how we promote local campuses depending my audience. Everyone has an opinion on online church. Some good and some bad.

I recently shot a simple video to help clear this confusion up. The video will be included in all response card automated emails and to those who indicate they are visiting our online community for the first time. Here is a sample of my current first timer email reply: 

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 8.49.17 PM.png

The hope is to effectively pitch to a new person what we are about and how they can best get connected. I know I will be tweaking the video a bit, but for now testing this version out. 


If you have a video like this comment below. Would love to see it to be inspired! 

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