What Church Online Can Do Better


One in every four American homes has Netflix. Netflix is popular because their target market consists of 78% of Americans who use the Internet and 99% Americans who posse a TV in their home. Netflix didn’t have to build an audience; they just had to perfect the experience. People were already online and watching video content before Netflix was dreamt up.

Over 2.4 billion people used the Internet in 2012, meaning churches online don’t have to attract a crowd online. Local churches don’t have 2.4 billion people strolling around their building, let alone have enough parking spots.

The bottom line is the target market for Church Online is enormous. Having a place where so many people are gathering gives the average online pastor advantages over a typical local pastor. Let’s look at six areas Church Online has the advantage.

1. Openly target the unreachable people

Target people who will never attend church through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other platforms. They may not sit through a church service, but they are on Facebook.

2. Net information of community easily

Get analytics from Google, Facebook, and other platforms about the community without forcing a new attender to fill out a response card.

3. Limitless reach to any location and all languages

Time zones and languages are not an issue because of online access and translation software. Target anyone anywhere through the beauty of the Internet.

4. Interactivity like no other

Through people logging in with their Facebook or Twitter account users can express themselves more clearly than a person could in their best dress on a Sunday morning for an hour. Connecting is as easy as a click.

5. Nearly no cost to evangelize & equip the community

Upload content onto a server and anyone can easily share their faith with a friend and get equipped to grow closer to Christ. No more renting a building to gather for an event, paying the promotional costs, and the A/C bill for the night.

6. Execute a custom controllable convenient experience

Every website provides a blank canvas that can be designed in any fashion for any event. No issues with an event getting bumped by a wedding or funeral. Don’t have to worry about the quick tear down job for the Sunday morning service.