“Digital-Physical Mashups” by Darrell K. Rigby

I was stuck on a plane, so I read. Been there? I have a subscription to the Harvard Business Review, so I went into a knowledge acquiring bender. An article titled “Digital-Physical Mashups” by Darrell K. Rigby was challenging, insightful, and I want to recommend any online church leader to check it out.

Why? The market research of physical stores dealing with the importance of having an online store is comparable to physical churches dealing with properly leveraging an online church presence. I’m not saying it’s exactly the same, but there are correlations and learnings for online church leaders.

You can read part of the article here, but you will need to purchase the access to see the full post.

Footnotes of “Digital-Physical Mashups
“The greatest barrier to adopting fusion strategies is not skepticism about their promise but inexperience with their execution.”

  • Rule #1 – Build your strategy around digital-physical fusion. It can be your new competitive edge.
  • Rule #2 – Add links and strengthen linkages in the customer experience.
  • Rule #3 – Transform the way you approach innovation.
  • Rule #4 – Organizational separation is just an interim step.
  • Rule #5 – Build a digital-savvy leadership team that includes the CEO.

There is so much here. Read the article. Let’s take the future wisely.