49 million isn’t a number the church should ignore

The singular desktop/mobile experience isn’t going away. The tv hooked up to the internet is just being added into the loop. Think of the online tv as an expanded suite to all things internet. It’s not getting simpler, but more robust. More devices online with more access. NPD recently reported, written about by Variety, 49 million households have access to internet on their televisions, which is a 14% increase in the last 12 months. The numbers are looking to increase even more with the dominant technology player Apple upgrading their tv media streaming device with their powerful app store. 

As an online pastor I think this is amazing opportunity for the church. You can reach a whole family and community through empowering their home to become a place to find out who Jesus really is. The home is a safe place. The church can be seen as a negative for those who are not familiar with what happens within our walls. A house or apartment is tool to pierce through the fog of culture by leveraging relationships. The home has been the center to christian ministry since the beginning and when Christianity leans on the home environment we are at our strongest.

I think the biggest days for the church are ahead of us. Technology will connect us with more people around the world and in our local communities. Church online isn’t just about those visiting your website anymore. You have to be thinking about the living room experience.