My Story

I am grateful. I love my family, my friends, my job, my church, and my God. My life was not always so joyful. I spent my teen years mostly in chaos at home. During my transition from junior high to high school, I was invited to a Saturday night church service and on June 3rd, 2000 I accepted Christ. From June 4th onward my life at home did not change, but my perspective and attitude did. I started to attend a weekly youth service, joined a small group, served whenever I could, and read my Bible daily.

Following my high school graduation I spent the next three years as an intern in full-time youth ministry. I loved every moment of it and honestly thought I would spend my entire life serving teens, but God redirected me towards something else. During my last year at Biola University, finishing up my B.A. in Christian Education with a minor in Biblical Studies, I was approached with an opportunity to accept a full-time internship on the Spiritual Maturity Team at Saddleback Church. The reason why I decided to move churches was because of the opportunity to learn as a young pastor from one of the greatest churches ever which is also pastored by one of the most influential Christian pastors today. To make the decision was a no brainer because my current church did not have the ability to hire me after graduation and one of my mentors was now on staff at Saddleback Church. You might say God made my choice very clear.

After spending a year as an intern learning about how to do small groups, I took a staff position on the Communications Team. I learned a great deal about marketing, communication strategy, social media, design, and print. Around April 2010, I volunteered to take on a little website under Saddleback’s domain that was streaming five weekly live services called the Internet Campus.

This little volunteer role over the next couple years turned into a massive responsibility and grew. I got the privilege to serve under Saddleback’s Global Communications Pastor as the Weekend Experience Pastor. In this new role I focused on how the weekend could reach the 20’s/30’s generation through communications, campus events, design, and much more. I had a blast helping kick start Saddleback Church’s initiative to reach the next generation over a year span.

In August 2012, my dreams came true when I was asked to take on the role as Saddleback’s first full-time Online Campus Pastor. I have the privilege to oversee a weekly crowd of 20,000 people watch for 30 minutes or more, 900 Online Groups and 1,300 Home Groups. I don’t know what God has for me in the coming years, but I do know Church Online is a new frontier with limitless opportunities.

Honestly, I’m most grateful for my best friend and wife Jody and my three kids. My wife knows how to keep me in check and my kids keep life energetic at home. I have my B.A. in Christian Education and M.A. in Theology from Biola University, love the NBA, love reading, drink black cold coffee, and my wife says I need to sleep more.

I am grateful.