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Expanding Your Reality

The hardest thing to understand is something outside of your perspective. We’ve all been conditioned to think, feel, and react uniquely. Genetics, family, country of origin, schooling, friends, media intake, places we’ve been, books we’ve read, and many more factors form who we are today. So how do we evolve? How do we grow beyond our current thinking? A little microevolution isn’t so bad sometimes when lousy thinking still reigns.

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Pit Bulls, Bosses, and Anxiety

I once was speaking at a small event in the Heathrow area and had to excuse myself mid-presentation. I stopped talking, thought to myself that I felt like throwing up, held my hand over my mouth, paused as I figured out what was happening inside of me, then said out loud to the audience “I’m going to throw up,” and walked off stage to find the nearest loo.

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