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Star Wars > Star Trek Because of Belief on Technology

The future isn’t some glamorized place where everything is fixed. The future consists of new things and old things. It’s more like Star Wars than Star Trek. Technology isn't a cure and won't solve your church's problems. You need to have a healthy church to be great online. Focus on understanding what success looks like at your local church. Once you have a grasp of what's happening in the building, expanding online will be easy.

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Extremes of Online Church Define Debate. No More!

We love the extremes, but reality happens in the middle, and this is why I hate the dialogue around online church. I dislike, both thumbs down, how we have to go to extremes and not have a real conversation about using an online paradigm for evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and worship. I do understand how the extremes of online church make headlines and stir up middle Americans, but often nothing fruitful is produced. In a recent USA Today article called "Online church: Ministries use VR, apps to deliver digital services and virtual baptisms" I got a few mentions talking about online ministry.

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[Podcast] Expert Insights: Technology and the Digital Church

I was featured on the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast on EXPERT INSIGHTS, a series bringing together Christian leaders – from across the theological spectrum and from a variety of professions – to share their expertise on leadership topics, all through the lens of faith. It was a fun conversation where I answer different questions on the topic of digital church even being church with my friends Nils Smith and DJ Soto.

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